2nd Workshop On “Challenges and Issues in Solar RPO Compliance/REC’s” December, 2012

Natgrp: This workshop had some very useful presentation on numbers behind REC and RPO as well as valuable information on certain states compliance rules.

Proceedings of the Workshop

Inaugural Session

Mr. Tarun Kapoor (Joint Secretary, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy)

Mr. Tarun Kapoor started by welcoming the attendees which included delegates from state nodal agencies, distribution licensees, major developers, NLDC, power exchanges etc. Summarizing the objectives of the workshop, Mr. Kapoor emphasized that the purpose of the workshop was to discuss issues related to Solar RPO compliance and garner increased interests from the stakeholders in RPO compliance. He said that the developers are showing increasing interest in setting up solar power projects but the motive of higher deployment of solar power can achieved by wholesome efforts of all related stakeholders. He said that states have started responding actively towards fulfillment of Solar RPO and overall the efforts, including constant follow-up from Ministry, are gaining shape. The Ministry is very keen on developing solar energy which has shown a tremendous reduction in the cost of generation with the technological development and introduction of competitive bidding through Solar Mission and state policies. He said that adding solar to a large portfolio of power market will not necessarily put a big impact on the stakeholders. He also appreciated the recent initiatives taken by states like Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh in form of their own state solar policies for developing this form of energy.

Mr. Anish De (CEO, AF – Mercados EMI)

Mr. De started his session by outlining the agenda for the workshop. He discussed the current scenario of power sector in India focusing on the growing share of renewable energy. Further, the ministry has already initiated the process of developing solar and non – solar power on a large scale. Mr. De also discussed the possible areas where there is a need of action. He emphasized on the Solar RPO compliance as one of the major drivers of solar energy. It was outlined that the workshop would focus not only on the issues faced in Solar RPO compliance but also would take important inputs from the stakeholders attending it.

List of Presentations

Module 1: Current Scenario of Solar Power in India

Presentation on Current Trends/Status in Solar Power Market by Mr. Ripul Shrivastava, Manager, AF- Mercados EMI
Presentation on Initiatives by TEDA and Tamil Nadu Solar Policy 2012 by Mr. Christopher Daniel, DGM, TEDA

Module 2: Challenges in Implementation of REC Framework

Presentation on Overview of REC Framework by Mr. Anish De, CEO, AF-Mercados EMI
Presentation on Issues in implementation of Solar REC scheme by Mr. Vibhav Nuwal, Director, RE Connect Energy Solutions

Module 3: Hurdles in Solar RPO Compliance

Presentation on Discoms perspective and issues faced in compliance of Solar RPO by Mr. Mithun Chakraborty, Corporate Strategy and Planning, TPDDL
Presentation on Issues in Solar RPO Compliance Monitoring by S.K. Chatterjee, Dy. Chief, Regulatory (Forum of Regulators)

Module 4: Solar Rooftop for RPO Compliance

Presentation on State Level Rooftop Policies by Dr. Sanjay Vashishtha, Principal, AF-Mercados EMI
Presentation on Financing of Rooftop projects in India by Mr. Vinay Rustagi, Standard Chartered Bank

Source: MNRE


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