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Not Just Blowing in the Wind: Compressing Air for Renewable Energy Storage can reach almost 80% efficiency

A recent study IDs two compressed air energy storage methods and sites for the Northwest. Enough Northwest wind energy to power about 85,000 homes each month could be stored in porous rocks deep underground for later use, according to a … Continue reading

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Omnigrid’s Unique Solar Power Model – Reaching officially electrified and rural villages with no power

OMC’s model of supplying solar lamps to homes and solar power to telecom towers in rural UP looks like a bright idea. But can it keep it shining? Image: Amit Verma Anil Raj (left) and Rohit Chandra’s model goes beyond … Continue reading

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Solar rooftops a must-have for Kolkata New Town highrises

The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) on Saturday took a stride forward to turn Rajarhat-New Town into a solar city. It has made it mandatory for all commercial and residential highrises to install solar rooftop systems to meet at … Continue reading

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