Solar power now at grid parity! – AP receives bids for 350 MW solar PV power units at Rs 6.49 per KWhr

Thirty-four bidders have accepted the Rs 6.49 per unit price offer for solar photovoltaic power project development under the Andhra Pradesh State policy. Of the 1000 MW on offer, the aggregate bids resulted in response for about 350 MW.

According to Energy Coordination cell, the response has been positive. The State aimed at attracting companies to set up about 1000 MW capacity through competitive bidding process. Of the total bids, 34 bidders accepted the offer price of Rs 6.49 per unit approved by the Group of Ministers (GoM) for installing 350 MW solar power plants.

The State Government in November 2012 directed AP Transco to ensure setting up of 1000 MW solar power plants through the process of competitive bidding route.

Accordingly, the bidding process conducted on the e-procurement platform. The technical and financial bids of the tender were opened on February 15, 2013 and March 5, 2013 respectively. Totally 181 bidders with 331 bids were qualified in the 161 locations.

The complete details of the bids were put up before the Group of Ministers which requested for further course of action in the matter. They decided to offer Rs 6.49 per unit to all technically qualified bidders.

And 30 days time was given to all bidders to communicate their willingness. The last date for receipt of willingness from the bidders was June 4, 2013.

While seven bids of 53 MW accepted Rs 6.49 per unit, some 27 bidders with total capacity of 297 MW accepted the GoM price with certain conditions like change in location, increase in capacity and increase in rate if given

Source: The Hindu


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