Grant of exemption of Excise Duty on the procurement of material/ components required for setting up of “Roof-top” Solar PV Power Plants (not connected to grid) – guidelines


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– Ritesh Pothan

Developers who want to set up Roof-top Solar PV Power Plants and desire to avail the duty benefits for those plants shall, henceforth, submit the applications/BoM online in the enclosed formats, to this Ministry, through concerned State Nodal Agency after duly signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Solar PV Project and duly certified by the empanelled Chartered Engineer, along with the following documents:-

(1) Details of Roof Area, with proof of possession of Roof / location / site for setting up Roof-top Solar PV Power Plants. It includes lease agreement, copy of building ownership, etc.

(2) Chartered Accountant‟s Certificate on the estimated project cost, with detailed break-up;

(3) (a) Application / BoM duly signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the project;

(b) Application / BoM duly certified by the empanelled Chartered Engineer with its Stamp showing name, address, member no., date and institution chartered with;

(c) Application/BoM duly recommended & signed by the SNA, with office Seal;

(4) Detailed Project Report (DPR);

(5) Copy of EPC Contract or Agreement, if applicable.

(6) Single Line Diagram (SLD)/ Detailed Drawings with justification of requirement of cable; Module mounting structures, Inverter, etc.

(7) One Affidavit in the prescribed format, with self-certification only and not on Stamp Paper.

Format is available on MNRE website.

4. The Bill of Material (BOM) shall be submitted to MNRE online. Once the BOM has been approved by MNRE and uploaded on the MNRE‟s portal, the developer should generate excise duty exemption certificate online and submit the hard copy thereof in duplicate, after duly signed in ink, and also certified by the empanelled Chartered Engineer, direct to the MNRE along with the copy of purchase order of the item for which exemption certificate is sought.

5. In case, the project developer or organization has received capital subsidy for setting up a Roof-top Solar PV Power Plant, they will furnish copy of the approval letter sanctioning subsidy for that plant.

6. For submitting the Application for BoM online, all the Project Developers/ Agencies shall follow “Guidelines for online submission of Total Bill of Material & Application” available on MNRE‟s website. The URL address for online registration is for obtaining Login ID & Password.

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