This solar policy shall be applicable for the following solar projects set up within the state-
1) Solar Power Projects (SPPs)
a) Grid connected solar power projects based on both Photo Voltaic (PV) as well as Solar Thermal technologies
Projects set up for sale of power to TSDISCOMS
Projects set up for sale of power to third parties within the state
b) Projects set-up for captive generation/ group captive generation (including those funded and owned by developers).
2) Solar Roof-top Projects (SRPs) ( Grid connected and off grid ) – This includes projects which are funded and owned by developers
3) Off grid applications
4) Any other project which is established based on MNRE/GOI Schemes as amended from time to time.
5) Solar parks

For availing benefits under this policy, power generated from any of the above modes, has to be consumed within the state.

The consumers are free to choose either net or gross meter option for sale of power to the DISCOMs under this policy. The tariff applicable for units generated under gross metering at 11 KV and below would be average cost of service of the DISCOM as determined by TSERC. The tariff applicable for units under net metering would be average pooled power purchase cost. Projects under both gross and net metering would be subject to monthly billing and settlement.

No distribution losses/charges shall be applicable for SRPs.

Transmission and Distribution charges for wheeling of power

The wheeling and transmission charges are exempted for captive use within the state. They will be charged as applicable for third party sale. The transmission and distribution losses however is fully applicable for both third party within the state as well as captive use within the state.

Power scheduling and Energy Banking

All SPPs shall be awarded must-run status that is injection from solar power projects shall be considered as deemed to be scheduled.

Banking of 100% of energy shall be permitted for all Captive and Open Access/ Scheduled consumers during all 12 months of the year. Banking charges shall be adjusted in kind @ 2% of the energy delivered at the point of drawl.

The banking year shall be from April to March. Banked units cannot be consumed/redeemed in the peak months (Feb to June) and in the peak hours (6 pm to 10 pm). The provisions on banking pertaining to drawal restrictions shall be reviewed based on the power supply position of the State.

For captive/ third party sale, energy injected into the grid from date of synchronization to open access approval date will be considered as deemed energy banked.

The unutilized banked energy shall be considered as deemed purchase by DISCOM(s) at average pooled power purchase cost as determined by TSERC for the year.

For Sale to DISCOMS, Energy injected into the grid from date of synchronization to Commercial Operation Date (COD) will be purchased by the DISCOMS at the first year tariff of the project, as per the provisions of the PPA with DISCOMS.

Electricity Duty

Electricity duty shall be exempted for captive consumption, sale to DISCOMS and third party sale in respect of all SPPs set up within the state. Also, Electricity duty will be waived for the new manufacturing facilities and ancillaries of the Solar Power Projects.

Cross subsidy Surcharge

For SPP located within the state and selling power to third parties within the state, 100% exemption shall be provided on the cross subsidy surcharge as determined by TSERC for five years from the date of commissioning of the SPP.

Click here for the Telangana State Solar Power Policy

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