Summary of Maharashtra Net Metering for Roof-top Solar Photo Voltaic Systems) Regulations, 2015

By Sagar Durgavale

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Summary of Net Metering for Roof-top Solar PhotoVoltaic Systems) Regulations, 2015
Particulars Remarks
Eligible Consumer Consumer of electricity in the area of supply of the Distribution Licensee having a capacity < 1 MW
Net Metering arrangement _Permitted first come, first serve’ basis
Capacity limits at Distribution Transformer level A. Distri_Transfomer_shall not exceed 40%  its rated capacity_from the solar PV system in that area
B. Distribution Licensee (DL) may allow _> 40% of such rated capacity upon consideration of a detailed load study carried out by it.
C. DL will display capacity on their website withing 3 months from the date publish this regulation i.e before 10th Dec 2015.
D. after every quarter they will update the capacity upgradation & available  capacity at the said transformers.
Eligible Consumer and individual Project capacity Capacity connected _Shall not exceed his contract demand with Transfomer rated capacity limit.
Variation fo rteh connected load by consumer 5% variation shall be allowed
For HT category consumers_Meter installation clause HT (11 kV and above) Consumers may install and connect project  at LT Bus Bar System but Net Meter shall be installed on the HT side of the Transformer.
Protection clause Consumer shall provide _protection for islanding of project from the Network of the DL _Grid failure
Disconnection of plant by DL DL have right to disconnect the plant for any damanges or incident .
Metering arrangements_conditions The Net Meter _procured and installed by the DL_ at its own cost,Provided that, if the Eligible Consumer is within the ambit of Time-of-Day (‘ToD’) Tariff, the Net Meter installed shall be capable of recording ToD consumption and generation
Provided further that the DL shall replace the meter of an existing Eligible Consumer with a Net Meter : Provided also that the Eligible Consumer may opt to procure, at his cost.
Installation of Meter  if Consumer is RPO obligated Entity conumer should installed  Solar Meter at Gen End .
Installation of Meter  if Consumer is not RPO obligated Entity DL will install the  Solar Meter at Gen End  for their meeting RPO
Maintaining  of Meters By the Distribution Licensee (DL) at its cost.
Procedure _Connectivity approval Step 1: Connectivity _application at DL_by paying (500 or 1000 rs )upto 5KW and above.
If connnectivity not approval grace period for reply Connectivity not approval then within 15 days have consumer to answers queries raised by DL.
Net Metering Connection Agreement .(NMCA) Step 2: After approval of Connectivity _DL & consumer enters in net metering connection agreement .
Validity of agreement (NMCA) 20 years
Termination of agreement (NMCA) By Consumer  by consumer at any time but providing 30 days prior Notice to DL.
Termination of agreement (NMCA) By DL By DL at any time but providing 30 days prior Notice To consumer_if not fulfiled rules.
Termination of agreement (NMCA) By Mutual At mutual consent also the agreement would terminate at any time .
Energy Accounting and Settlement effective date from the date of connectivity approval
Accounting of Extra exported  units by consumer If quantum of export exceeds Import then extra  exported units carry forwarded for the next billing cycle .
Accounting of Extra imported units by consumer If quantum of import exceeds export then extra imported  units the DL will raise invoice for the same.
Accounting of Unadjusted units At each FY _DL will purchase @APPC cost of that year & shall credit the same in next succeeding billing cycle
Solar RPO_if Consumer Obligated entity the quantum of electricity consumed by consumer shall qualified for RPO
Solar RPO_if Consumer not Obligated entity the quantum of electricity consumed by consumer , then DL will qualify for meeting their RPO.
Solar RPO_for unadjusted units  Surplus unadjusted units  purchased by DL @APPC cost  will qualified for their RPO compliance .
Eligibility under REC mechanism Consumer not eligible for REC .

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