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INTRODUCTION Tackling climate changeAlthough we have made progress in decarbonising many aspects of the world’s energy matrix, with solar, wind and hydro all adding to “green” electricity generation, longdistance transport has proven much more difficult to decarbonise. Increasing electrification of … Continue reading

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Sea Salt can replace solar panel component at 0.3% of the cost

One of the most dangerous and expensive parts of making photovoltaic cells (solar panels) involves a substance called cadmium chloride. This toxic substance is not just expensive when bought in bulk, but carries with it loads of associated costs in … Continue reading

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Last year Robert Lundahl and Roy co-wrote an article about a California PV solar factory that is not disposing of their solar panels once their lifespan expires. We could not name the company, as our source still works there, but they use … Continue reading

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