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A conversation with Stefan Reichelstein on the economics of solar power: by Stanford

Nearly everyone thinks that generating electricity via solar power is good for the environment, but there’s much less agreement on whether it makes sense from an economic point of view. At what point will solar power be competitive with electricity … Continue reading

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Prospects for Cost Competitive Solar PV Power: Stefan Reichelstein, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

Natgrp: This paper is focused on the US markets but provides a perspective into similar solar markets New solar Photovoltaic (PV) installations have grown globally at a rapid pace in recent years. This paper provides a comprehensive assessment of the … Continue reading

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China regains top spot spending $68 Billion, as clean energy spending slumps 11 per cent: Solar spending at $142.5 Billion

Global investments in clean energy fell 11 percent last year due to policy changes in major markets, but China posted a record-breaking investment year, an industry report showed on Monday. Money spent on clean energy projects fell to $268.7 billion as countries … Continue reading

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