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Clean air: New paints break down nitrogen oxides, a solution for urban living

              This shows the calibration of the teststand for coatings. Credit: Wolfram Scheible/Fraunhofer Surfaces with photo-catalytic characteristics clean the air off nitrogen oxides and other health-endangering substances. Using a new test procedure, Fraunhofer researchers … Continue reading

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Fuel cell park for 2013; necessary for the future for PV if it has to provide mainstream power

Enlarge (—North America’s biggest fuel cell power plant is coming to Connecticut, and construction is to begin immediately. Dominion Resources, an energy company based in Virginia, and FuelCell Energy, a Connecticut manufacturer of fuel cell power plants, have announced the … Continue reading

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Suggestions / Recommendations for CERC Hearing on the 15th of January 2013

By Ritesh Pothan CERC, the governing body for electricity in India had instituted the REC mechanism for the balancing and motivation of renewable energy systems in India which is now facing a crisis due to the reluctance of DISCOMS to … Continue reading

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First all-carbon solar cell

              Enlarge This shows the new all-carbon solar cell consists of a photoactive layer, which absorbs sunlight, sandwiched between two electrodes. Credit: Mark Shwartz / Stanford University (—Stanford University scientists have built the first … Continue reading

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Flexible, light solar cells: Researchers develop a new approach using graphene sheets coated with nanowires

Enlarge                   MIT researchers have produced a new kind of photovoltaic cell based on sheets of flexible graphene coated with a layer of nanowires. The approach could lead to low-cost, transparent and … Continue reading

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Nanostructures triple organic solar cells efficiency

            Credit: Illustration by Dimitri Karetnikov A conventional solar cell, left, reflects light off its surface and loses light that penetrates the cell. New technology, right, develop by Princeton professor Stephen Chou and colleagues in … Continue reading

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Recommendations for JNNSM Phase II Draft Policy

In my presentation at Solar Markets India, had touched upon each aspect of Solar Policy in India at the Centre and State which could be used as a recommendation baseline for the JNNSM Phase II policy draft. You can find … Continue reading

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NREL study shows CSP with energy storage can help utilities, something India’s Solar JNNSM Policy sorely lacks

Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) with thermal energy storage can add significant value to a company’s energy mix, a new study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has revealed The NREL report found that, compared to solar PV, CSP having a six-hour … Continue reading

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Now, technology claims to reduce cost of solar energy by 75%: Fact or Fiction

Scientists have developed a new technology which they claim could make production of solar energy cheaper by 75 per cent, and thus speed-up its market adoption. The RTI International solar cells are developed from solutions of semiconductor particles, known as colloidal quantum dots, and have … Continue reading

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India is likely to be second largest consumer of coal, may surpass US in five years: IEA

 India is likely to be the second largest consumer of coal, surpassing the United States, in the next five years, says a report. “China and India would lead the growth in coal consumption over the next five years…while India will become … Continue reading

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