MSEDCL removes Cross Subsidy discount for Renewable Energy in Maharashtra

Natgrp: In a blow to open access in electricity for Maharashtra, MSEDCL has now implemented the highest tariffs for commercial consumers

Applicable  CSS for  Open  Access (OA)  Consumers  of  MSEDCL effective   from  21st February 2013  :-
A.  CSS for HT Consumers (Rs. Per unit):-
Consumer Category EHV Consumers
(66kV & above)
HT Consumers
HT Consumers
Express Feeder 1.63 1.18 0.53
Non-Express Feeder 1.20 0.76 0.10
Seasonal Industry 2.84 2.39 1.74
Express Feeder
Others 5.53 5.09 4.43
Non-Express Feeder
Others 4.91 4.47 3.81
Railways 1.76 1.32 0.66
Public Water Works   1
Express Feeder              •
Non-Express Feeder
Bulk Supply
Residential Complex
Commercial Complex
HT-IX  Public Services
Express Feeder 3.29 2.85 2.19
Non-Express Feeder 2.73 2.29 1.63
B.  CSS for LT Consumers (Rs. Per unit):-
Consumer Category Applicable CSS (Rs./Unit)
Up to 20 kW
0-200 Units
Above 200 Units 3.11
> 20 kW & < 50 kW 2.33
Above 50 kW 4.84
Below 20 kW load
Above 20 kW load 0.73
0-100 Units
101-300 Units
301-500 Units 0.40
500-1000 Units 1.10
Above 1000 Units 1.10
BPL, Agriculture, PWW, Street Lighting
Advertisements 15.58
Temporary Others
Other Purpose 7.79
Religious Purpose
LT Public Services
0-200 Units
200-500 Units 0.56
>500 Units 0.56
>20-50 kW 1.67
>50 kW 2.18
Crematorium & Burial (LT-IX)

As per EA 2003, Open Access may be allowed on payment of Cross Subsidy Surcharge as may be determined by the State Commission.

Initially, the Commission has determined the Cross Subsidy Surcharge for MSEDCL as ZERO vide its Order dated 05.09.2006 and continued to determine it to be ZERO during all its subsequent tariff orders. Then the Commission vide order dated 09th September 2011 (Case No. 43 of 2010) de novo determined the Cross Subsidy Surcharge and Stand by charges for Open Access consumer in the state of Maharashtra.

Now, the Commission vide order dated 21st February 2013 has re-determined the CSS on the basis of MSEDCL tariff order dated 16th August 2012 (case No. 19 of 2012) for all consumers in licence area of MSEDCL,who opt for Open Access.

Click here for the MSEDCL Order 190

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