Netmetering, LT Connectivity and Renewable Energy Certificate for Tamil Nadu Solar by TNERC – Comments Invited by 15-08-2013

In the Commission’s Order on “Issues related to Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy 2012” dated 07.03.2013, TANGEDCO was directed to furnish detailed procedures covering the following issues related to Net metering , LT connectivity and Renewable Energy Certificates for the approval of the Commission :

1) Net metering:
a) Standards and location of meters
b) Tariff for excess generation/lapsed units
c) Period of power credit
d) Any other related issue

2) LT connectivity
a) make and standards for inverters,
b) harmonics standards,
c) synchronization to the grid,
d) safety/protection norms,
e) norms for generator capacity versus connecting voltage etc.,

3) Renewable Energy Certificate to be issued to solar generators under
the Policy
a) Accreditation
b) Issuance
c) Trading

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Stakeholders comments on Netmetering, LT Connectivity and Renewable Energy Certificate in TN

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