APTRANSCO makes open offer to Solar Developers for Rs. 6.49 per unit for 20 years valid upto 30th Sept 2013

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  1. APTRANSCO guidelines
  2. APTRANSCO format for processing security
  3. APTRANSCO list-of-substations
  4. APTRANSCO power-purchase-agreement
  5. APTRANSCO format-for-performance-guarantee

Guidelines for Solar Power developers to apply Under Open Offer

i.        The  Prospective  Solar  developers  are  requested  to  submit  their Application to Chief Engineer/IPC/APPCC/Vidyut Soudha/Hyderabad along with the details of the Proposed Location, Injection Point and Capacity  within  4  weeks  time  from  the  date  of  uploading  this notification in APTRANSCO website i.e. on or before 30.09.2013. The developers may choose the locations from the enclosed list of locations/substations  OR any other substation in the state other than the notified list subject to technical feasiblity.

ii.       In the case of enclosed list, the Projects will be allotted subject to maximum capacity per Location.  In case,  more no of developers opt for one particular location and offered capacity is exceeded, then the pro-rata capacity will be awarded in the ratio of capacity requested by the developers subject to technical feasibility. The developers will be         informed   that  the  decision   of  APTRANSCO/DISCOM   shall   be considered as final in this matter.

iii.      The Developers are requested to submit their willingness to execute the project and supply power at the rate of Rs. 6.49/unit for a period of 20 years, along with a non-refundable processing fee of Rs 2 lakhs per location in the form of Demand Draft payable to A.P.Power Distribution  Companies  Pool  A/c  no.  52117479223  and  processing security of 2 Lakhs per MW in the form of Bank Guarantee  (Proforma enclosed) in favour of Chierf Engineer/IPC/APPCC  with a validity of 90 days from the date of their offer. Processing security can also be acceptable in  the  form  of  Demand  Draft  payable  to  A.P.Power Distribution  Companies  Pool  A/c  no.  52117479223.  Subsequently,  In case Solar Developer  withdraw the proposal  to execute the Project, then the Processing security will be forfeited.

iv.      Further, the developers shall furnish networth equivalent to 1 crore per 1 MW capacity duly certified by the Charted Accountant/Statutory Auditor for the financial year 2012-13 by March 2013. In case of newly incorporated  company, Net worth should be submitted as on date  of submission of the application.

v.        The developer has to complete the errection and commissoning of the Solar Power Plant within 1 year from the date of signing of PPA. For delays and early commissioning, penalties and incentives will apply as indicated in the draft PPA.

vi.       Further,  before  entering  into PPA, the developers  shall furnish  the Performance Bank Guarnatee (PBG – Format attached) to concerned DISCOM  to  the  extent  of  10  Lakhs  per  MW  in  the  form  of  three seperate BGs on the name of concerned CGM/DISCOMs for 2 Lakhs, 3 Lakhs and 5 Lakhs respectively valid for a period of 22 months from the date of signing of PPA.

vii.      The Letter of Intent will be issued only  on the name of Company applied. However, PPA can be entered in the name of SPV/Subsidiary companies          after   verifying   all   the   relevant   documents   to   the satisfaction of concerned DISCOM officers.

viii.     APTRANSCO/DISCOM  reserves the right to reject/cancel all or any  of the response to this notification and for any change in the list of locations/substations and corresponding capacity, if any.

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